Jan 25, 2007
:bang: :bang: i have a pw80 thats was riding as good as always
till i came in a corner and tried to get a little drift action going around the corner and i spint out and the bike landed on me and the throttle but it was a too hard hit though but then after that it was acting funny it started to get stuck and i almost hit my garage if it wasnt for the front brakes. so thought maybe a little dirt got it the throttle tube so i took it of cleaned it and put a little oil in it and i still will not go back by it self so it checked my line for broken wires and it checked ok as far as i could see checked my slide and that was good and didnt have any scractches on it. so do you guys think that it could be that my carb needs a really goood cleaning.


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
Cracked throttle tube perhaps. Maybe the grip is dragging on the end of the bar. Either that or it's all gunked up from being "oiled".

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