Feb 7, 2007
A buddy of mine has a 99 suzuki rm 125. He has been riding quads for the last few yrs. and decided the twist throttle is going to kill him after a bad wipe out coming off a jump. This was of course do to the fact that he landed a wheelie and couldn't manage to let off. We have temporarily adapted a throttle from a banshee to try it out. I must say I was sceptical but I actually believe it to be easier to ride this way. My question is if anyone here has ever done this and where to obtain a thumb throttle that would work well on this bike. The one from the banshee touchs the brake lever if we don't slide it way in due to the fact that the perch is half as tall. Thank you in advance.


Nov 15, 2006
The reason I don't like riding quads is because of that darn thumb push throttle. I think is really dangerous compare to my twist throttle. Every jump I take with a quad I land and my thumb mashes the gas and I take off, whether I mean to or not. It's whatever your used to I guess.

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