Nov 24, 2000
Anyone else catch Code Blue lastnight on TLC? There was a guy on it that crashed a dirtbike, he was paralized from the waiste down. I had a hard time watching it but felt I should. Just recently crashing and seperating my shoulder(3rd Degree) it made think hard about what I am doing riding. I don't know if this should be something I should be worried about. I mean there is always the chance of getting hurt really bad but.... I just don't know. I've seen so many people get hurt this summer, friend with a broken foot, Another friend who broke his arm twice this summer, and I've broke a finger and seperated my shoulder. This sport is so great but it's also hard on your body. Anyone else have any thoughts?


May 20, 2001
I have one of those AP back protectors. Haven't had any crashes where it mattered yet, but it feels unrestrictive enough.

I often think about how dangerous motocross is, and I think it's a bit silly to bring in arguments like "you could get run over crossing the street", since MX and enduro are statistically quite unhealthy.

I have the need for speed so bad that I would go insane if I couldn't ride, so I wear all the protection and take all the precautions I can, and go racing, acknowledging the fact that I may be permanently injured any day (I have been around MX tracks all my life, and have seen one kid's share of people who will never ride again due to an MX injury. Very few of them are bitter or regret that they chose dirtbiking).
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