Oct 7, 2000
I have a 99 250 Exc. I'm planning on tearing the top end down to re-ring it and possibly put a piston in if need be.I have two questions. 1 About how long on average do KTMs get before they need rebuilt. I know it depends on use, conditions, etc. I maintain the bike very well but I do ride it hard when I ride.
And secondly has anyone tried a big bore kit or do they even make such a thing for the KTM.


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Dec 6, 2000
Frequency of rebuilds is the same as any other good bike. There are just too many factors to say you should rebuild after X number rides or X number of months. Checking compression and measuring componets are the only real way to tell when you should do it. I can say that if you haven't done at least the rings you should and I would be supprised if you don't need a new piston if you have 2 years on it.

As for the big bore I know Eric Gorr offers it with porting and everything ready to just bolt together for $375. His site has all the details.

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