Mar 28, 2001
I decided to trade up my '99 Husky CR125 for a '99 CR250 with very low hours on it.I got in one practice,then won 1st place the next day in my 40+jr class.I'm leading the points over my best friend by 12pts.Bad news...We went to practice at another track and after a few hours,they hosed down a flat,hard-pack corner just before I got there.Without warning,I got sideways,flipped back,and high-sided hard into the face of a jump.Broke my collar bone,punctured lung,had to stay in hospital a few days.Now I have to give back my sweet CR250 for the dealer to sell on consignment to pay for medical bills.I'm out for the season and won't have a bike when I'm healed.I know it's just the price of having fun,but hate to give away the bike.As Arnold would say.." I'll be back ".
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