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Mi. Trail Riders
Aug 15, 2000
I need some seasoned trailrider's advice ! I pulled this from the Mi DNR web site©
trail riding restriction riding in public hunting areas during the november firearm deer season between the hours of 7:00 a©m© and 11:00 a©m©, and 2:00 p©m© and 5:00 p©m©
I plan on riding till the snow is too deep, this year ! but I'm a more than a bit leery of riding on public trails during hunting season? I'd follow all rules that apply during firearm season© but see no rules for bow season? october is still warm for some great riding! HELP©


Jan 12, 2001
We have to deal with that over here in NJ and DE. I would recommend trying to get in touch with a local hunting club. Find out exactly when they are allowed to hunt and when not. For example, during deer season in NJ they are not allowed to hunt on sundays. So I know not to ride on saturday only on sunday. We all have to share the woods. Respect their time to use it and hopefully they will respect ours.



Feb 24, 2001
yea, that is the way it is in ohio, i mean the no hunting on sundays. it is kinda bad around here because who knows when you could round a corner and scare off that deer that a hunter with a gun has been trying to get all morning, or worse, crossfire. i would definatly find out local regs:D


Mi. Trail Riders
Feb 3, 2001
My advice is to avoid the wood riding during firearms season. Take a two week vacation from riding or go ride on a track.
I have not had any problems with riding in the woods during bow season in Michigan.

KTM Mike

Mi. Trail Riders
Apr 9, 2001
i second what fatherandson said. I live in northern MI in a popular hunting and off roading area

1) - it is risky - them are live bullets out there!

2) as a hunter, i would not appreciate having a buck in my sights scared off by a bike just before I pulled the trigger!

3) Hunters are some of those "other land users" we have to deal with out there - their season is dramatically more restricted than ours (though where we can ride vs where they can hunt is another story!) so this is all part of balancing the equation - if we let them have their time, they may help support us having our time!

4) Bow season - i would not worry about nearly as much - much fewer hunters, less risk etc - though when i realize i am in an area with a "concentration" of bow hunters - I head elsewhere - see #3 above.


Apr 15, 2001
firearm deer hunters get 2 weeks out of the year to do their thing ,
we get the rest of the year. give them a break , and let them have the
woods to themselves . :D

shawn sharp

May 14, 2001
As an avid deer hunter myself, both bow and gun, I can give you both perspectives. During bow season, which is early fall in Alabama, I prefer other people in the woods - it moves the dear around so as to increase my chances for a shot. During gun season, however, I would not ride in the woods - period. There are too many things that can go wrong. As a woods rider I would like to assume that ALL hunters conduct themselves ethically. You know human nature as well as I do, hence, they [hunters] don't. Moreover, a bullet from a high-powered rifle will absolutely ruin your day and then some. It is best if you can join a well run hunting club. Some of my riding buddies have. It is one of those win-win relationships. The deer love to use open trail rather than trying to move through thick brush, so the hunters love it. Plus like I said, when the deer aren't moving a woods rider can stir them up a bit. Have fun and be safe. There are always plenty of loonies out there!


Nov 7, 2000
Our club lease is also used for hunting and from Oct to Dec we are restricted from riding on most of the land, but we get more land from Jan to May. Its a trade off. I sure would not like to get shot at while riding. To bad about the riding there sure is some pretty days for riding in that window. Not to Cold or hot. You can ride in the afternoon and not have to get up before the chickens to beat the heat.


Jul 12, 2000
As a hunter and I rider I never ride during hunting season at all. Some people do and I have to say it really gets to me. It is quite annoying to be walking down a trail and have someone come riding up behind you. That said i wouldn't have a problem with people riding on days when hunting is not allowed during the season(such as sundays). Mutual respect must exist between both parties though.

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