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Hey there guys. I started riding enduros February. The last hour or so, I'm always cramping and am hurting from head to toes.
The only thing I can think to do to train is Ride, Ride, Ride.
So I try to ride 40-50 miles at a time. I have been having a hard time finding tight trails to train on, but I keep looking. I also run 3-5 miles, 3-5 days a week. Any suggestions?


The cramping is from de hydration probably. If you focus on drinking alot of water (1 - 2 gallons) starting a couple of days before you race or practice and drink plenty while your practicing you should be able to stop alot of the cramping. I only drink water, no salted coolaid or any thing else.

I really notice cramping in hot weather when I dont drink alot of water.

We train in the hottest part of the day on purpose to get aclimated, we also try to ride 40 min motos on the track to get our endurance up. Any hairscramble you can do will also help. I do weight training along with a cardio activity about 4 days a week. Sounds like you do the same. Good luck.



sounds like your on the right track, however i had the same problem with cramping, try some potassium salt vitamins (GNC) along with your reg. vit. every day,,, also take one the morning of, and 10 min before the start,,, i also drink the endurox supplement about 1 -1/2hr. before my key time,,, it has helped significantly,,,, also as the previous post suggested run some h.s. for fitness... good
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David, You can run a serch on this topic and you will find all kind of good
advice, There was one that you can do in your own yard that was real
good, can't remember who posted it? possibly Tim?


Thanks guys. I drink plenty of water and only water. I learned not to drink gatorade from my 1st enduro.


Looking for single women!

Yep ride long distance (50 miles plus) at least once a week. Try to do it at race pace and stop only long enough for what would be normal resets and gas stops. I also like to ride really nasty stuff (Clanton every Sunday but race day), that makes the actual enduro seem easier. It's really important to relax. I know that's not easy, but I when I start to stiffen up, I tell myself "breath and relax".

Are you coming over for any of the SERA enduros this fall? The Rockford enduro in Sept will be great. Lots of rocks and slimy roots, can't get much better than that ;)
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Originally posted by DavidRehm
I learned not to drink gatorade from my 1st enduro.

What was your bad experience with gatorade?

I've read that a lot of riders will put a 50/50 mix of a sports drink and water in their drink system. There's even a discussion at this site about drinking pedialyte in order to supply the body with salt and potassium.
Just curious about why you wouldn't use a sports drink?
I assume everyone has their own preference.


The gatorade makes me sick to drink in the middle of a race! It isnt needed eithor. It also makes your drink system nasty. A healthly diet before the race is alot better than gatorade. Bannanas and other foods do alot better to give your boddy the proper nutrition and vitamins needed. I used to drink gatorade before and after racing but felt it didnt do anything that water does for you. Just my own opinion and experience. Its what works for each person.


Gatorade made me more thirsty. It was not refreshing at all. Water was sooo much better after 20+ miles into the enduro.

My problem is finding tight trails to train on. I finally found Durhamtown(60+ miles of single track), but it is 1 and a half hours each way. I hope to find more trails. Maybe I will meet some riders from Georgia who can help me.

Yes, I will be riding SERA, as well as FTR and SETRA. As many as I can ride.
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I ride hard about every other weekend (usually racing of some sort) and try not to ever go two weekends without riding. On the "off" weekends I ride my mountain bike for a couple hours in the hottest part of the day (in St. Louis during the summer, that's basically sunup to sundown). It's the consistent hard riding that builds stamina (and makes you a better rider, too). In addition, I do some light work with weights a couple times during the week.

I have the same feelings about sports drinks in the CamelBak. Yucky!! But I drink lots of Gatorade in the hours before and after the race. Definitely eat before the race, even if you're not hungry. Healthy eating is important. You'd be surprised how much fat you can stop consuming just by not adding butter to your popcorn or cheese to your sandwich. Any salad dressing that's not labeled Low-Fat is going to be loaded with oil. And get the Baked Lays instead of Doritos...heathier AND they taste better.

I've practiced this stuff for a few years, and I'm at the point where I don't "bonk" anymore toward the end of the race. Look at the lap times of the fast guys at the races...they are usually consistent throughout the whole race. It all comes from regular riding, training during the week, healthy eating, and a little talent.


What you're describing is often when you just plain run out of groceries, ie- you've used all the energy which is stored within your system.

Your possible cures-
1- Train extensively with weights, bikes, running, etc. to expand your body's energy capacity.
2- Reduce the amount of energy you are using to ride your motorcycle.
a) Ride with less exertion. You need to focus on your riding style to do this. When you practice ride, focus on smooth technique, NOT riding your bike to get in shape.
b) Set your bike up to be less work to ride. A suspension change, different bend bars, different grips, sticky seat cover, or steering damper, for example, might be the ticket.
c) You might not like this one... Ride something else besides the WR. Not to be nasty or blunt, but I thought the WR was fairly top heavy and tiring to ride aggressively in the tight-tight sections.