Trials Training Center is worth every cent!

Leapin Lisa

Mar 30, 2001
Ladies, I have to tell you that I am so glad I attended a weekend course in Tennessee at the Trials Training Center and I encourage -- or is challenge a better word here? -- each and every one of you to attend.

The first weekend in August my husband and I traveled to Steamboat Springs at Girlrider's (Nicole Bradford) invitation. We rode on some really gnarly terrain that I had no idea existed out there. I mean, I hear the guys talk about tree roots and rocky trails and riding on trails that go on the side of mountains and hills where the trail is so narrow that if they put their foot out, it had better be the inside foot :eek: because the drop off is unbelievable.

Well, Nicole treated me to those type of trails and I actually did okay. I am here to tell you I was scared out of my mind not just a few times :scream: and wondering what in the heck I was doing exposing myself to this type of horror.

I have to give nearly all the credit to the Trials Training Course and Tony, the very patient instructor, for teaching me how to steer with my feet and to look forward up the trail to be best prepared for what is to come next. I even learned how to wheelie, too, which helped immensely in Colorado when it came to some rocks and tree roots across the trail.

Don't kid yourself, this course is a very intense, two-day period of time that took almost every amount of effort I could muster from within. By noon on the second day I was so beat I wanted to call it quits from sheer exhaustion; however, it was the best--and I do mean best--course I have ever had the opportunity to experience and it has enabled me to challenge myself to new and exciting trail riding.

Leapin Lisa

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Oct 23, 2000
This is definitely on my list! I don't know when I'll have the time and money as it looks like I may be a gimp this winter . . . but I really want to try it. Is anyone here from that area and can tell me what the best time of the year is to catch the best weather? No winter rains or summer heat? I'd really like to go . . .
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