Feb 7, 2002
A while back while tightening up the bolts that hold my forks in the clamps, the ones on top were acting funny. They would stick, then move a little all at once, then stick. I dont know what you call it when this happens, but it happend really fast and made a noise as it happend. So the next time i took it down, i put grease on the threads of the bolts before i put them in. i didnt think the torque would ever be reached, and i think they got over tightened. today, i loosened them up, and slid them down far enough that the forks were completely out of the top clamp, and began looking at them. There appears to be a very small dent near the fork cap, and running in a straight line, about 5mm. Is a dent of this size a problem, or should i just be more careful in the future? Today, i did rotate the forks so the dent wouldnt be in the same place, and only torqued the top to 15 ft/lbs. They felt like they did when i put the grease on, but to a little less effect.

Any help is appreciated. BTW, it is a 2001 XR250, with stock forks and clamps.


Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
Dents are not good brother.. ITs posible you stretched your bolts or your clamp. A good torque wrench is a must.. Honestly I don't use one on these bolts beacuse I belive my feel willl work beter than blind faith in a torque wrench.. My motivation is based on a my impatience with such items.. With fresh threads, bolts, lube, and torque wrench you'll be good.

On the XR with convetinals I would say your issue is less important than say that of an inverted fork, but I would not use a tube with a wrinkle..


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