Feb 24, 2001
I just picked up a 1979 XR 250 that has been sitting for the last six years, the kick starter will not budge at all, even when I put most of my weight on it, when I pull in the clutch and put it in like fourth gear the bike will move freely with the clutch in and when I release the clutch I am still able to push the bike with very little resistance (the bike did not make any sound at all like it wanted to fire though) but when I come to a stop and I try to push it again (without the clutch lever pulled in) then the back tire locks up and I'm not able to push it. Any suggestions on what would cause the kickstarter not to budge, the obvious seems like it would be that the piston is seized in the cylinder, but would I still be able push the bike, in gear with the clutch released? The previous owner did say he had a friend put in a new piston and it only ran for like 20 minutes after this and then it quit or locked up and it has sat ever since until now, he also did mention while it was running for those twenty minutes it ran like crap.

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