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Apr 21, 2000
Folks, Its time for anoither call to action!

I got a letter today from the US dept of Agriculture. I haven't had time to try and ujnderstand the whole deal but I feel its prudent to inform y'all. Maybe others have gotten similar letters and hopefully someone here is a lawyer type that can maybe explain it all but to this smiple mind its just antoher way to obfuscate and confuse.

Some how or other I got on the notification list and got a letter today regarding the above. They are "inviting Public comment" regarding environmental imapct in the Southern Region. I'm getting home late and not having time to digest all of this I still want to get the word out so to speak.After reading the paper work I'll try to psot more but I want to inform y'all. I'll try and get the documents scanned and post them but in the mean time... I suggest politely contacting:

Contacts for questions:
Team Leaders:
Robert Wilhelm at 404-347-7076 or by email: rwilhelm@fs.fedus
David Purser at 404-347-5292 or email:

Too much legalease and mumbo jumbo for this simpleton.


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