Value of a 93' KDX 250


I am inerested in selling my bike to get a newer one but i need to know the value of my current one so i know how much $$$ i will need to buy a new one. It has a p/c pipe and silencer and boysen power reeds. all new plastics. new chain and sprockets. 2500 miles.

1993 KDX 250 P/C pipe/silencer, removed airbox lid, boysen power reeds, uni air filter.

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if you are trading it in you will between
$800-1200 if you sell you will get $1200-1500

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I sold my '91 for $1,800. The plastic was rough but the bike was loaded with WER steering damper, Baja Designs street legal kit, Race Tech gold valves front & rear, all the guards (skid plate, hand savers, FRP chain guide, etc...) fresh chain & aluminum sprocket, new piston & rings, new wheel & swing arm bearings, Michelin tires, RAD valve, FMF pipe, aluminum bars, lots of spare parts etc...

IMO the price was fair for that bike but without all the goodies they are usually $1,200 - $1,500. Hell of a bike for the money.

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Stu - With the right combination of parts, the MX bikes can be sensational on the trail and in the woods. Yes, it is a step up from the trusty KDX. I'll e-mail you with some specifics about what aftermarket goodies work well for me.