Feb 13, 2001
I've been searching and reading posts regarding valve stacks and shim configs and I think my brain has now turned to mush!

Does anyone have a compression valve stack shim order for the Kayaba forks that leaves the LSC soft but firms up the HSC?

I've been fiddling with the forks on my 98 WR400 (trying different oil viscosities and heights) and found that with 5wt oil, they feel good on the trail, but bottom hard when jumped. With 10wt. oil the jump landings are much better, but then are pretty stiff on the trail. So I was thinking if I could change the shims to get a little more HSC dampening but leave the LSC the way it is, I could run the 5wt. oil and get what I’m after. I figured if someone else has already been through this and found something that works, maybe I could benefit from their tinkering. :)

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