May 7, 1999
Galena, IL
The jewels in the crown of King Jeremy sparkled tonight but Prince Ricky held on to the magic sword..... rumors of the King's death were premature.... the great King will do battle another day

thanks Jeremy, Ricky, Mike, Travis, Nathan, Ernesto for a great season of SX.

Bring on the Nationals!


***** freak.
May 5, 2000
By any chance, did Jeremy's bike look lower? He might have figured out RC's secret to cornering speed. :)


Oct 7, 1999
So close

That was a great race, and maybe just enough to get MC fired up enough to work is butt off this off season. Refocus on racing, which is what got him here. Before the race, listening to the interviews, I got the feeling the Jeremy was ready to give it up. That he was a) into other things and b) beaten by a younger, faster rider. After the way he hung in there, though, and actually made some very solid moves to close on Ricky, I think he may have finally gotten RC out of his head. That he now realizes he can still dice it up and maybe catch this guy. One more year, maybe, and go out on top? I hope so, cause I'd like to see these two swap wins all next year. Only down side was that when Jeremy spun that turn so poorly (clearly cause RC was in his head) it deprived us of watching these two dice it up for some tough passes. RC just went by him. Great race.:)


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
That was one of the best races of the year. Too bad we were deprived of watching Red Dog ride to a stellar third place.

That was the only bad part though. A very good, very close race to cap off a great season.

I wonder who will be second in this year's Outdoor season?;) Do ya think Mac will ride?

Racers Edge

Jan 22, 2001
Were any of you watching who was further back in the pack on the results in the top left corner? Man Larocco must have been flying, he went from 14th to 8th in just a few laps!

As for McGrath riding the Outdoors, not a chance. Maybe if he gets bored he'll race one or two. I read an interveiw in Racer X Ill., the reason he gave for not racing the Outdoors is if he were to race a few he would be expected to win, and he says if he wants to race it will only be for fun so he wouldn't want to let the fans down or dissapoint anyone if he didn't win.

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