Jul 5, 2001
I am getting closer and closer to riding "pastrana wheelies".;) Today I mastered getting the front end high enough to start balancing going a little bit slower than a walking pace or a walking pace once I pop the front end up or just a little faster trying to work on that.Im using the clutch to get it up but it seems like im to slow on clutching it again to keep it from falling no matter how mcuh I lean back and yank I'm just to slow on the clutch.:think Do yall have any tips on how to do this if you know how.I don't know many people who can, but I'm sure some of yall do.Sorry if this should be in general discussions.


Jan 2, 2001
gibbs, the walking pace wheely is probably the most sophisticated wheely man can do. I am trying this wheely everytime i go out riding for at least 15 minutes. It is getting better every other time but progress is slow. The most problems i have that after 15 minutes my clutch fingers/hand is getting tired losing it's feel for the moment. So best thing than is to quit for that day and start riding trails etc. So it is important to teach the wheely when you are still fit/not tired. The balance point is, when riding slow, very far back. So front wheel is very high. I myself can not look over the steer once at the balance point. But that also is the moment of flipping back. So it is nerv wracking and that is also why you shld train it when your are not tired. Just keep your hand from getting to tired, and keep your feet on the brake. It is just a matter of making hours. Or having a very brave hart. Although when you flip it only cost you a bent steer or plastics. The physical damage shld not be that big.
For the moment i can wheely walking pace for about 10 meters after that i start speeding up, so than it doesn't count any more. 10 meters asked for about three blips of the throttle keeping at the balance point. How about your record? Good luck.
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