Apr 18, 2001
Alright here is the deal. I am going to buy a 125. I currently have a kdx 200. I am looking for the right 125 to suit my needs. During the week I will be in the woods all day but come the weekend i will be racing mx. What im asking you guys for is some reccomendations as to what 125, 1998-2001, will be good for motocross but not make riding in the woods unfun. Thanx for your time,


Mar 7, 2001
Once you get over the initial purchase price of ~$6200, I believe you would find the TM125E to be the best option. The bike is capable of competing in MX, desert, HS, or enduro right out of the box, and is tough as nails.


May 29, 2001
This might work

i would sugest a KTM 200 mxc, they r a good trail bike (woods bike) and they r good for MX to i was gonna get one of them but i think i might get a yz 125 insted, they r still GREAT bikes though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:


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Oct 23, 2000
I love my 200! A more skilled (not like me ha ha) rider might wish for stiffer suspension for an mx track but I love my bike. I have the EXC without the headlights and kickstand.

As for 125s, I know this isn't the right forum to post this in, but Steve's 2001 RM 125 is a really fun bike . . . he is a AA class woods rider and loves his bike. I haven't ridden any other 125s to compare it to but found it to be extremely fun, fast and smooth, not jerky and pipey and scary like I was always told 125s were.


May 1, 2001
Buy the KTM 125EXC obviously. Why?

1)It rules in the woods.
2)The suspension is softer than the SX but is the same as the MXC's. However, it would be easier to race a 125EXC in the 125 class than race a 200MXC in the 250 class.
3)The wide ratio gearbox isn't that much of a problem if you go up two teeth on the rear sprocket.
4)You won't run out of gas as often in the woods.
5)You can take the headlight and tailight off to make it look more like a motocrosser, and you still have the option of putting the stuff back on.


Aug 8, 1999
Originally posted by BSer
Buy the KTM 125EXC obviously. Why?

The OBVIOUS reason for NOT getting a 125 EXC is simple - avoid the whole KTM125/KTM200 debate!! ;)

KTM has not been synonymous with 125s here in the states, whereas 125s and the Jap 4 are, up until now when some pesky South African started lighting things up lately on an orange 125. Yea I know Wattsy did some magic on one but he could win a GNCC on Rich's Hodaka, so he does not count.

For some reason the 125EXC just does not come to mind as a woods/MX crossover bike. My reasoning, as possibly flawed as it is as I have not been thru the exercise, is that the Jap 125 MXers are lighter and nimbler than the 125/200 EXC platform. This is at this point a perception, one driven into me by the big buck race trailers and million dollar riders I suspect. My bias is towards the YZ in the woods. I have also heard great things about them from riders who campaigned them in the woods. The '99 SERA overall champ was on a ported YZ125 and spoke well of it. The 167s are awesome from the accounts about them I've heard too.

Maybe the "right bike" is an '01 125SX. Go back a year or two though, and is the SX still such a hot bike? The YZ has been consistently hot it seems. Best motor of the Jap 125s, great suspension and ergos.

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Jun 20, 2000
Now hold on a minute there Tex...

I'd have you know that I have a 98' 125 exc that I have converted into a motocross/woods bike. It works wonderful, it's an amazing bike, track or trail. If your more serios about motocross then I would get an sx not an exc but if you just want a bike for both, it's MUCH easier to convert a exc to an sx. Now when It comes to year, get as new as possible. KTM switched to upside down forks on 2000-01 models and it works wonders. I absolutely love the suspension on my 01 200 exc. Beacuase it's not a straight rate shock, it soaks up all the little chitter chatter and still can easily handle the bigger hits. If I were to buy new, I'd wait and see what the 2002 sx suspension will be like......:p


Mar 7, 2001
Well just to throw a monkey wrench into the works, I am riding a 99 Husqvarna CR125 for woods riding. the only changes are a procircuit pipe, renthal bars, and hand guards. It is a little bit of work in the woods but has much more low end than I expected in a 125 and it cost less than the KTM, GasGas or TM, but still has that euro feel, and of course being a motocross bike it works pretty good on a track. I don't race anymore but it is a nice bike for all round use. I do more woods riding than I do track riding but I'm still OK with the stock gearing. It also has a larger tank than most cross bikes (except Kaw) at 2.24 gal.


Mar 7, 2001
Husky 125

The husky 125 (CR or WR) would also be an excellent choice. Team Husky USA (Fast by Ferraci) offroad (using a WR model) just ports the cyllinder and use the stock exhaust system and it is fast enough for Fred Hoess.

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Mar 11, 2001
i gotta put my 2 pennies in here ......

i race an 01 125 exc completly stock except for acerbis plastic hand mx guards, skid plate, and pipe protector
i run hare scrambles - enduros - and motocross

this bike rocks i was leary myself until i rode a buddies bike
his is also an 01

the bike rips ---- the powerband does not hit as hard as the sx model
and it does not have the power jet carb

the wide ratio transmission is so close to the sx it almost does not count
i believe 3 of the gear ratios are actually the same (i have them written down some where)

i have also ridden my buddies and he put a new (250cc) 110 / 100 / 18 tire on the rear it really grabs now sometimes too much
the extra wide 110 really digs in well compared to the stock 125

the only thing i think i might change is a revalve to the suspension
if it was going to be mainly an mx bike with a lot of jumping

other than that

change nothing

excellent bars\ seat\ rims\clear white tank is awesum\great handling\
easy starting\ easy parts availability if you have a ktm dealer who is good
also there are 3 ktm discount parts places listed in the back of many mags now (never used them though)

this bike really does rip

my 2 cents with a little change left over
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Nov 27, 2000
i have had at least 8 ktm 125e's
not in an effort to toot my own horn but, i won "A" class enduro, harescrambles and some vet mx races all on the same bike.

ride what you like.

next subject please....this one is played out
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