Oct 4, 2003
On MY 96CR250 the forks seems like they are way harsh. It has a WER steering damper w/ 10 weight oil in it. The thing still dosnt seem to handle right. Would you think i would benifit more if the forks were rebuilt and or revalved for my weight or w/ the Damper on? Now that i think about it i think it would be better w/o the damper but w/ correctly set up suspension. Any imput? Also How much could i get for a 1 year old WER steering damper w/ the original packing n stuff? Another thing. If i had it valved for my weight 150lbs but my dad(around 210lbs) rode it would he be ok? He wouldnt be as nuts as me but he would still like to go fast n stuff. Would it be possible to have it valved for a 200lb person and just adjust the clickers soft for me? Would that have the same effect?


Aug 25, 2000
The simple answer would be "no". With the differences in your weights springs alone would have to be different for an "ideal" setup. That said, it's not like the bike would be unridable for him if set up for you, just not "ideal".

As far as the steering damper goes, we are talking about two totally separate things here. No amount of steering damping will reduce a harsh fork. But, many guys run dampers even with properly setup suspension. I've never tried a damper, but it's something that I would like to try someday.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
I would rather ride a bike with great suspension and no damper than a bike with a damper but bad suspension.   But you really want to have both!

I am a huge fan of dampers, but suspension is critical.  Check with Factory Connection for your CR - they have a lot of experience with trail and moto setups for that bike. 

FWIW, I bought my bike from an AA racer who is about 25 pounds lighter than me.  It has Factory Connection suspension, and it works GREAT for me, despite the differences in speed and weight. 



May 16, 2002
Bodge set up the suspension first . then play with a damper . As a rule when setting up a bike Ill try to disable a damper (WER take off the linkage rod) Then setup the bike to work properly . the dampers can save your ass but you shouldnt rely on them to. You could probably overhaul a WER easily by yoursel . The parts are cheap too. Just be sure to bleed it good .
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