What issue?

Does anyone off the top of their head remember which issue of dirtbike magazine has the walk thru on retiming the Wr to Yz timing?

I keep reading bits and peices of the method but would like to read the whole story. Thanks
But to add a few things. . . . .

There are a couple of threads here lately that will cover some things to watch out for if you are going to jump in there and do it, that are not covered in the small layout in Dirt Bike, kind of lessons learned from us that have done it!
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I found a large thread allready about the elusive c-clip, and a few other little tricks, if anyone has more tricks to add it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't bought my bike yet (still working out the finacial fine points). I am starting a list of mods i will perform as soon as i bring the bike home, so.....

A few tips on the throttle stop would be useful. Or any other performance adding tips you guys have.

Tips........we dont need no stinking tips........

Here is a list of things I did to our two WR's

Sea Level riding, 80 Temps, 50% humidity (yes it is wonderful!!!)
Run 93 Octane Pump gas from a good station and then add PJ-1 Octane boost, but we are not running race fuel and the bikes run very strong!!!

Limiter screw met "Mr Hacksaw" before we even rode em! :p
Up one size (larger) for the Pilot jet from stock
Main to 175
Needle clip at stock (3d from top)
Fuel screw 1/4 turn more out from stock.
Airbox lid = history
Removed the silencer insert and installed a turn down snorkel in its place (quieter)
YZ Timing
Flatland Racing radiator Guards (get these ASAP the rads are $240 each side.....and for the first time ever I have one bent.......doesnt take much)
Handle bars are made from lead solder......honest they are terribly soft.......I am tall.....6'3", mounted universal Hi-Bend Pro-Tapers with the Tag Mounts........tons of room now......

with just the engine stuff......my bike sings and so does my sons......pulls strong from idle to ear bleed.........:o
Hope this helps.....email if you would like.......our bikes are broke in and more than happy to give you our $.02 worth!.....
enjoy and good luck with the financing!......


Hawaii-Rider need advice

I have a 2001 WR426 w/4rides on it. Throttle stop is removed, Went to YZ timing. Here is my issue:
on 3rd ride, either,flywheel let go damaged stator or vice versa, magnets flew off damaged flywheel & stator.
Yamaha warranteed, parts - we replaced. On 4th ride, bike ran find for 30min. then same thing, ugly noise - bike cutoff. We removed cover, same exact thing.
I can not figure out what is going on. Have you or anyone else every heard of this?
Thank God my YZF426 is a dream come true, w/o any problems. Any help will be sincerely appreciated.
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Wow...........never heard of that...but

Ga426owner.....man talk about bad luck........not good at all....
I knew of one that that happened on a KDX I believe it was.......did it twice just like yours.....and what he finally found out was that the crank was terribly out of balance from the factory and was causing some weird harmonic vibration that blew that stuff into "outer space"..once the crank was replaced, no more problems........but that was a two smoke.......but the only thing I can think of is that something is generating some sort of harmonics at a certain RPM......... I would recommend that you start a new thread here in the forum, there are a lot of smarter people than me with this stuff........but my bet is vibration from the crank.......sure hope that you get it fixed quick!!!
Good Luck


hey all,

i did a "how-to" write up on the wr250f throttle stop a few months ago. jump to the following link, then scroll about halfway down to my post of 03/09/01 (that's march 9, not september 3, for the europeans on board):

i also did a write up on putting yamaha gyt-r (aka cycra pro-bend) handguards on your wr250f:
(moreover, i scanned the yamaha installation directions, there are two pages, see the link at the end of the story above)

finally, for some hints on getting things initially set up, see:

the wrooster
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