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Aug 31, 2000
Ok, maybe get the fastway pegs to drop the peg hight a bit and maybe taller bars, and maybe tripple clamps that will let you push the bars out a bit from you.

I've been riding a Nearly stock 450r for a couple of years now. I put the fastway pegs on it. got beefier springs, and rode the bike.


May 9, 2007
IMHO and I'm a big guy also... make sure you get the correct rear spring to set your sag properly. This will save your shock and make your bike handle properly.

Next set up the front forks with heavier spring if you bottom too often.

And as someone else said, you might want to lower the pegs, makes it easier on the knees, better control with your legs, and less fatiguing on you legs.

Oh yeah, heavy duty tubes, that way you don't have to run your tires on too much air pressure making it harder to handle.

You might like a steering damper eventually also.

Then... enjoy yourself. :cool:
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