What rear tires, or tire combo are you running?


May 13, 2001
Id just like to comment about the past 2 Michelins ive been running on mine.

For around 75 bucks, the Michelin CROSS COMPETIONS H12 seems to be the best tire ive ever ran. The terrain i mostly run on is LOTSA ROCK, hard pack dirt, and sloppy mud. The tire has a great wear rate too!

Ive upped the tire size from the STOCK, to a 130/80/18 which seems to be the max size but offers unreal traction, and it wont "CHUNK" as my stock Dunlop did.

Im still running a STOCK front tire.(the thing just wont wear out!) I kinda like a FAT KNOB on the front, because i mess up sometimes and BUST INTO ROCKS with it, i think that kinda helps absorb the impact, where as one with smaller knobs would take more of a direct hit to the tube.

Any suggestions are very welcome,


Aug 25, 2000
Do a search in this forum for tire suggestions. I think that you will find quite a bit of info as this topic has come up quite often.

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