Sep 24, 2001
What to do with this....
I have a 1996 Cr 250 and was wondering what I can do with suspension. It is pretty harsh on landing! I ride mostly in sand with lots of round moguls, however I like jumping pretty high and pretty far (20ft up and 70 out) and with my current setup the landings almost break my wrists. Compression is set out 12 and rebound is out 10 on the front and Compression is 7 and Rebound is 10 on the shock. Would a new revavle help? All I want is a smooth landing and smooth throught the moguls..... BTW the suspension is not bottoming!

Also, it's getting close to winter here and I'm almost ready to pull the engine apart and redue the top end. What can I due to the engine to get the most bang for the buckbang for the buck (under $500.00) ?

1 more thing, does anybody know where I can find any online tests of my bike?

Thanks for any advice!!


Jan 9, 2000
If your bike isnt bottoming you have it set wrong-you should bottom once per lap.Try adjusting the comp softer and see if it helps.


Aug 25, 2000
Marcus is right, you should be bottoming at least sometimes. You might want to verify that you have the right springs for your weight.

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