Jul 30, 2001
howdy all im new to this but i was wondering i got me a cr250 and when i go to pop a wheely it just spins the tire it has brand new tires is there any tips yall can give me. back in my 4-stroke days u could just hit it and it would go but these 2strokes are new to me. and one more question on my cr250 it dont make hardly no power down low but it makes tons of it up top is this normal cause i like some low end power. thanks


Jan 17, 2001
To pull a wheelie (which that bike can do easily, as is) move your tail back a little farther on the seat. Watch out when it hooks up you might flip it!!! :eek:


Mar 15, 2001
We could give a few tips, but wheelies are something you will have to learn with practice, and inevitably take a few spills. I practiced when I was a kid in cold weather with lots of padding ( actually a snow suit) on. I went from no wheelies to balancing from first thru fifth gear in one day, but with no back fender and a ripped seat cover by the end of the day. I guess throw in some trashed grips and hadlebars for good luck>


Sep 1, 2000
Go to When you get to that page look for "Magic Mark Manico" riding techniques. On there he shows the correct way to do a wheelie. Yes he is on a trials biek but the same principle applies. Give it a try.

Buzz Bomb

May 9, 2000
I have the same bike and the same problem. One thing that might be causing the wheel to spin is too stiff of a shock spring. I'm debating whether to change mine or not. It hooks up in certain conditions, but not as well as I'd like it to. The reason you have no low end is because your bike is running rich from the stock jetting. Once you lean out the jetting, this bikes bottom end is more than you'll need to pop a wheely. Mine can wheely just above idle with no problems, it's just a matter of getting the rear end to hook up. Try sitting farther back on the seat to weigh down the rear end. Also, going on a slight uphill will help a little.
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