Apr 11, 2001
Ok, I know this topic is probably old news, but I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere. What kind of oil works best in the transmission? The owners manual says 30?? Is SAE 30 right or is that in some Euro oil type? Most of the trans oils I've seen are 50W or thicker. Which oil works best for you guys in the trans?
How about synthetic premix? Worth the extra $$$ Ok to switch to synthetic after many hours on motor?
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Feb 16, 2001
When I had my 90 ktm 250 the factory was recommending maxima lubricants I can't really remember. The product of age is memory loss...
I know that it shifted better with 75/80 vs 85/90.
The numbers and manufacturers could be in error, but I used the lighter of the viscosities available and it would shift like a jap bike.

01 wr426
99 ktm200


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
I have used Golden Spectro, Maxima, Mobil, .... in the transmission and it worked OK but like all the other heavier weight lubes I tried it caused the clutch to drag especially when cold. I finally decided to try Type F ATF and that was what I stuck with until I tried Powershift ATF (used in bulldozers, etc...) which is basically the same thing just a little heavier and better at dealing with the wear particles from the clutch material. The Type F was great though and would suggest it to anybody with a 2 stroke that doesn't want to by a 5 gallon pail of Powershift fluid.

As far a premix oil. Any of the top shelf synthetics work well. I used Silkolene, Maxima, Bel-Ray, and Motul. I was really liking the Motul at 50:1 but the price was a bit steep so I tried Amsoil Series 2000 at 50:1 and have no looked back. It is the cleanest burning premix oil I have found (Motul is VERY close). My piston, power valve and head have no buildup to speak of and show no wear. I run it in both my 360 and son's SX50 with zero problems.
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