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Sep 15, 1999
I believe only Hughes is. And if I were to pick one rider to be the person to upset RC it would be him. Granted he has not been in the states for a while but he has the speed the talent and maybe even an unfair advantage on the new Honda. Its getting close. I can't wait. Just something about the nationals. In my opinion the Monster Truck eerrrr Supercross races can't hold a finger to the Outdoor Nationals....................


Mar 22, 2001

Ryan was first brought on as a test rider for the 450,Tortelli also tested the 450 and was given first right to do the nationals on it(they have only two or three race bikes right now from what I heard),but he liked (felt more comfortable) his two stroke better.
Ryno REALLY likes the four stroke and he is blistering fast on it.
I saw him at the four stroke national and I know he is going to do very very well on the nationals this year!!Anyways, he is at this point the only one racing it
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