Why FMF will continue to get my business...


Jul 28, 1999
Last month my Turbine Core spark arrestor broke where the stinger tube is welded to the silencer body. I called the FMF warranty department to see if there was anything they could do, since it was about 8 months past the warranty. I explained what happened and apparently this is common with KTM's (lots of virbration combined with lots of flex at the pipe/silencer joint), so they agreed to look at the broken remains.

A couple weeks after I sent them what was left of my spark arrestor, a brand new Turbine Core showed up at my door. Nice, job, FMF!!


Jan 31, 2001

Yes they are very used to getting those spark arresters back everyone I know that has had one of those including myself has had them break. I also went through 3 fatty pipes thats kept splitting wide open until I got tired of paying shipping to get a new pipe that would last 2 days. so I finally bought a pro circuit again. This is why I will never own another FMF product it is cheap junk with fancy packaging beware. these stories are true just ask around a little.

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Jun 5, 2001
Pro circuit is junk!!!!. FMF makes way stronger pipes than Pro-circuit.A little rock

Your reply is completely your opinion and just that! I have had a P.C. works finish pipe on my KDX for over a year and have not had any problems with it. The only reason it had dents in it is from going down a few times and "kissing the ground." I ride trails and race GNCC races and have never gotten any dings or dents from racing or riding. I'm very happy with it and will buy another P.C. pipe when needed.

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Oct 9, 2000
I just bought a FMF pipe and silencer and will see how it takes my patented test of crashes. From what I have seen though, they last very long and are durable.


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Jul 31, 2000
I've had great luck with my FMF products. The P.C. pipe that was on my neighbor's KDX was similar in fit and finish to my FMF, but appeared to be thinner than the FMF.


Jul 30, 2001
FMF/PC pipes

Yeah FMF is good at sending replacements but as one other post mentioned, you get tired of paying shipping every few weeks for a new pipe.
I went through 3 FMF Gnarly pipes for my '94 CR250 and all three cracked at the same place. I needed a pipe to race one weekend and the only thing available in stock was a Pro-Circuit Platinum. I liked the low end the Gnarly added but not the reliablility. The first two pipes didn't have a ding in them before they started cracking. Funny, now the FMF "Burly" which replaced the "Gnarly" is thicker gauge material.
The Pro-Circuit pipe is still on my '94 and looks great and no signs of cracking after almost 2 years of use. More dent resistant than the stock pipe too.
I bought an FMF "Fatty" for my '01 CR cause it was cheap and haven't tried it yet.

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