Jan 25, 2001
Hey guys, I'm looking at getting back into dirt bikes after 6 years off. My last bike was a 2000 YZ250 (2T) and I ride trails in deep Florida sand, with tons of big, deep whoops and tree roots. A lot like Croom, one of my favorite places if I want to drive 75 minutes. I weight 185.

I'm looking for smoother power delivery w/more low end than my YZ had, so I'm looking at a KDX. Will I be dissapointed even after respringing and revalving, and a pipe? Do I really need to spend big bucks for a KTM 300XC?


Feb 2, 2006
Yes I think you will, unless you buy a very modifide one you will be dissapointed. I love my KDX and you would not be dissapointed if you road it. BUT every thing I have done you can do to a 2002-2005 YZ 250 or KX250 and have a much better bike in the long run or buy a KTM and ride. IF I had it to do again with what I have learned I would do one or the other.

Things I have done to my KDX 220

bike cost 2200 with a new motor from FRP racing, that includes a ported, plated cylinder, milled head, carb bored from 33 to 36mm. FMF desert pipe, 10 oz flywheel weight,CR High mini bars,tall seatfoam, fastway foot pegs, KX forks, new springs, pro action revalved and tuned suspension, hydrolic clutch, clark 3.6 gal tank.

all just to keep up with the new bikes and it does very well.

I have about 4-5 grand in it.


Jul 8, 2006
Yeah you will be disappointed. If you were ripping 6 years ago on yz 250 I don't think the kdx will cut it for you. I like mine its a great bike. I trail ride and race harescrambles. Friend of mine let me borrow his 04 kx250 and I rode it half a season last year theres no comparison with the power or suspension. Although the kdx does have a smoother power delivery and good low end.


May 11, 2006
I had a KDX220 and now have a 250XC, get the 250XC if you liked the YZ... there is NO compaison KDX vs the KTM, the KTM is much closer to a MX bike.

Dont get me wrong, I miss my KDX and it was great!!!! its just that the KTM is closer to what you had and how you ride.


2-Strokes forever
Jul 3, 1999
I liked my 3 RMs, 2 CRs,1XR and 2 YZs but I love my KDX220 for trails. I even still have a YZ. That said I'd also love it even more to have a KTM300XC. Sorry C Dave


Aug 22, 2004
Just handed my 04 KDX220 down to my son. Bought a new YZ250. wasted way to much money with all the hop ups everyone recommends. Go ahead and buy a big boy bike!


Mi. Trail Riders
Jan 1, 2001
There is no way that a KDX will ever work as well in the sand whoops as your YZ250. It is mostly due to the difference in wheelbase between the two bikes. The YZ should be about two inches longer. I rode a 2001 YZ250F for many years and it was the best handling bike for sand riding that I have ever owned. I also own a couple KTM's and a KDX. The KDX is great for first gear trails but it is a big handicap if there are whoops involved.

Test ride a newer YZ250F. You will be impressed.


Dec 6, 2005
With all these suggestions I'm surprised the gasser hasn't come up! I rode one this spring, nice handling and very quick, I liked it better than the ktoom 300


Jun 15, 2007
I just sold a '92 WR250 (Basically a YZ). Just too big & bulky. I just bought a '01 KDX220. I hope I made the right choice.

I am 6'1" 185. I just wanted something I can screw around on and not kill myself. To each his own I guess. Where I can ride a 250 is a waste. Nowhere really to open it up. I hope the KDX will be a fun ride for trails and whatnot.
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