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Sep 26, 1999
A few of us are planning to go to Turkey Creek (it has reopened) near Edgefield Wednesday evening (5:30 till dark).

It is approx 30 miles northeast of August GA. It is a fairly long (2.5 - 3 minutes) MX track with fairly safe doubles, tabletops, and whoops.1. From Augusta: I-20 East to Exit 5 in SC (route 25). Take 25 North (approx 15 miles) to Edgefield. Note: when 25 hits route 19, 25 actually turns left and you would end up on 19 if you continued straight. Proceed to step 3.

2. From Columbia: I-20 West to Exit 18 (route 19). Take 19 North (approx 10 miles) till it hits 25 at a stoplight. Continue straight through stoplight...it will become 25 at that point. Take 25 into Edgefield. Proceed to step 3.

3. Once in Edgefield: At the courthouse (stoplight) 25 will turn right (I think it would be 23 if you continued straight). Take 25 North out of town about 4 miles to rt 283. Turn left on 283 (the only way you can). Proceed to step 5.

4. From Greenville: Take 25 South to rt 283 (4 miles before Edgefield). Turn right on 283 (only way). Proceed to step 5.

5. Once on 283. Go approx 5 miles and turn right on Walker Rd. Go slow (children playing). Go 1.5 miles and turn right on Morgan Bussey Road. Go 1.5 miles and entrance is on right (100 yards after a small bridge). The sign may be laying on the ground...I'll prop it up if I get there first.

They charge $10 and are open from 10 am till dark everyday. They have arelease to sign and a drop box for the money at the scoring tower. Track runs counter clockwise (if you get there before anyone else).

Anybody else?

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