Feb 12, 2001

Thankfully, I have just received $500 for my 8th Grade Graduation, and I was looking into getting some MX-Tech Works Suspension Ravalving for my 00' YZ125.

I'n 140lbs, and I was wondering what you guys thought about the MX-Tech Suspension Service, or any other Suspension Provider.

I am a hard rider, would this be a good choice for me?

Also, I would like to get my rear suspension done as well, but what is involved in taking that Mono shock off? It seems like a very difficult job to do.

Thanks very much.. Any help or input would be very much appreciated.

Curt :)


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Jul 15, 2000
Suspension revalve

My opinion:
Start by installing springs that correspond with your weight fully dressed in your riding gear. Learn your bike and suspension well, annotating clicker settings and their effect on the handling of the bike. If you are dissatisfied with the suspension by reaching the limits of the adjustment, I would recommend a revalve. Also, be sure to change your fluid often, this ensures consistency in your settings and prolongs fork bushing life.

I know dozens of guys who ride here on BONE STOCK suspension that are truly amazing on the track due to their ability to ride and set their suspension right. Skill (setup and riding) are worth far more than the best aftermarket suspension.

As for MX Tech, they won the magazine shootout for a reason, and Jeremy Wilkey's service is among the best in the world.


Oct 9, 2000
Curt, not to bash on your riding skills, but you are a beginner and I have heard about how you have to ride around in 4th where I am in second. I would keep the 500 for maitenence or a riding school and learn how to control the bike a little better in the air, etc before you sump alot of money into the suspension. If you don't know how to set the stock suspension up, then you should do that first. That being said, We really need to meet up a Rocky Hill. I joined last sutarday and may be down there this weekend. Email me with your phone # and I will call you, I think I lost it again. I totally agree with WWR on this subject. My suspension was good untill about a month ago. Now it is way too bouncey over bumps at the speed I am going and I now need a revalve.
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