Aug 4, 2007

I'm looking to trade my street bike for a dirtbike.
My son is 8, and is doing quite well on a 50 automatic.
He'll need to upgrade in a year or so, and learn shifting.

My thought is to trade for a bike that will get by with me on it until he's big enough to take it over.
We ride at a farm, mostly fields and woods right now.

I'm 35, 6 foot, and about 175lbs. I'm not doing mx or sx, rather just riding with him. I just don't want to tax an engine too small for my build. My gut says at least a 125 for me, but could an 80 do?

your thoughts please...



Sep 9, 2006
My friend was 5' 11" and he had an RM 80.. it toated him around fine..

Im 6' tall and 180lbs, and it was a very fun bike... i could easily do wheelies in 2nd gear..

BUT it was uncomfortable... It felt like my knees were in the hendel bars and i was gonna fall of the back.. but the fun factor made me forget util i stopped..

It will be fine just to put around on..
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