Seven OUT!
Dec 21, 2000
Got back tonite from the X-Games in Philly. Tell you this, it was a pretty well put together event. The freestyle Moto-X finals took place and there was great competition:
1. Travis
2. Adopotonte
3. Jake Windham
4. Tom Cat
T.P. was absolutely blistering, it seemed as tho his SX / MX consistent racing allowed him to speed around, he was super fast thru the turns and executed all his tricks perfect.
We cruised the pits afterwards as well. No bike back flips, rumor now is to watch the BigAir contest Tues for that possibility. Step up jump is Monday, apparently T.P. flew out of Philly right afterwards for the Nationals, and then is flying back Monday. 4pm sat on ESPN will be the showing... I can go on, just watch, it was a hot set...:scream:


Jul 23, 2001
I watched the X-Games on ABC. T. P. was AWESOME! Lol.... the poor 125 engine, screamin all the way. Great execution... much more lively than anyone else. :)
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