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Dec 27, 2000
I read the following report and thought it looked interesting. Can anyone out ther tell me how much smaller the tank and seat from and XR 250 are over a XR600. I was contemplating doing the Aloop conversion but this looked pretty interesting also. I have a 91 XR600.

Additionally, does anyone out there have these parts lying around and like to sell them????

XR 250 to '88 onwards XR600 Tank Conversion. (Story by John K.)
Upon an enquiry as to whether XR250 Tank could be fitted to an XR600 I rang Ballards to find out what they had done with Glen Bells '97 Bike and Ballards other bikes. The enquirer had rang Scott Summers and he Suggested Ballards. They had the following to say:
The Conversion is relatively easy. This is for pre '96 XR250 items.
1. If you want the XR250 Tank you need to Use its sideplates and seat as well.

2. The sideplates fit straight on.

3. New brackets need to be made for the tank. Probably just out of aluminium about the same thickness as are allready on it. That should be the only real tricky bit.

4. A Vital part is to ensure the tank clears the rocker cover, as it can melt is sitting too close. It is not necessary to heat and mould the tank as has been suggested elswhere. Ballards tell me that you get a bit of rubber about 1 inch thick and space the back of the tank up so it clears the rocker cover (this avoids the tank melting). This is only done in the same location as the existing rear tank rubber. You will know what I mean when you take the tank off. Getting the rubber to sit shouldn't be too hard, bit of trial and error there I would say(perhaps try wiring it on).

5. The left hand seat bolt lines up so its not a problem but the right hand bolt apparently doesn't. What Ballards suggested to do here is fit a new bracket by means of pop rivetting it on.

Note: Ballards entered XR600's with the XR250 gear on them in the Australian thumper nats series. Glen Bell won the '96 series with this combination so you can be certain that if they have raced this setup and won it must be good. The most notable part about Bells win is that it was against all the Euro Bikes (Husqvarna, KTM, Husaberg etc.) so the overall package was extremely good.

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John K

Feb 22, 2000
They are quite a bit smaller, you would need pre '96 tank seat and sidecovers of course. The tank is less wide than that of the XR6. Also a smaller capacity unit I think. When I rang Ballards they were quite willing to pass the info on. If you are seriously considering it perhaps get in touch with them.


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