Xr280r Carburator

I want to get a new pumper carb for my bike. I am wondering what size I should get. Would a 35mm or 37mm be too big? i have put a complete exhaust and a 280cc kit in my bike. Is there anything else i can do to make my bike faster bbesides the carb.


Pantless Wonder
I have a 284cc XR with a Serdi'ed head from Kibblewhite Machine that has their Diamondcoat valves & porting by Rich Rohrich, Rich also did all the assembly and I believe it's somewhere around 12:1 compression (VP C12 only thank you), Thunder Alley Exhaust, etc... oh and I just rejetted the stock carb. :thumb:


I've heard the guys at xrsonly.com are very helpful with these questions. They have a pumper carb for the XR250. You just call them and let them know the specs on your engine and they'll let you know the best carb set up for your bike. I've got a 01 XR250R and I'll be contacting them when I get ready to make it a 280.


I am running a Mikunit TM34 on my 284. I have not had any problems at all. It always starts on 1 or 2 kicks, has great throttle response, and even cranks with a couple of kicks after dumping it. It is not a pumper though, but I have no complaints. I had some help with the jetting form carb parts warehouse, and it was perfect.