Jun 3, 2001
I am planning on getting a '90-'95 XR600. I am wondering if there are any spacific problems I should look for other than the normal stuff (leaking fork seals, wreck repairs, broken welds, ect.). Any standard gear box issues, ect.? I am overwelmed how many XR riders there are out there and would really appreciate some of your experience. Thanks.


Jun 16, 1999
Although the RFVC line of motors is reliable when treated right, the slightest bit of neglect can cause some problems, mostly in the valve train. If there are any funny noises coming from the motor, I'd be very, very weary. Even just a slight ticking noise can, over time, become a nightmare (my '84 XR500 tought me that). I've read 3rd gear is the weak spot of the gear box, but I've really never heard of anybody breaking 3rd in their 600. The clutches on these bikes are bulletproof.

Other than that, keep an eye on the normal things you should look for on every bike. Make sure there are no fluid leaks, sloppy bearings, smashed frame rails, etc. Take a peak at the air filter....a lot of times this will give you a good idea how a guy takes care of his bike. And make sure you ride it. A good running, nice looking bike could have a problem you wont notice until you've ridden it.

And another thing....beware of "polished turds." Just because a bike looks good, doesn't mean its in good shape. Keep a keen eye open for problems that somebody has tried to disguise.

Good luck on finding a bike! :)

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