Feb 13, 2001
I helped a buddy of mine put the kit on his '96 600 a few months ago. Took quite a while for him to receive the kit after he placed the order. Evidently, Aloop was having trouble getting the seat foam and it ended up delaying the order for several weeks. Some of the hardware (brackets/bolts/washers,etc.) seemed a little mickey-mouse, but it seems to be holding up pretty well. About the only other thing I would complain about is the way they designed the fuel petcock system. They use the stock petcock on one side of the tank, then give you a screw type valve for the other side of the tank,,, then you connect both the original petcock and the screw valve to a "T" connector then to the carb. I guess the tank design must not let fuel get from one side to the other very well.

Other than these couple complaints, I have to say I am fairly impressed with the kit overall. And,, it definitely makes the bike look good!


Damn Yankees
May 14, 2000
I never got a chance to put the kit on my XR6, but I did get to see one installed, Make the mid section of the bike considerably thinner, allowing the rider to get further up on the tank for better front end plant. It plain looks cool,...:cool:

scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
I was looking at this kit also. and found an inexpensive alternative. if you are looking to slim down the seat you can follow the method I just recently used. get and aftermarket seat foam in stock size. take a course sandpaper flap wheel (about $2.00) and attach it to your drill, you can remove material from the aftermarket foam to fit your needs. The mid section is 4-5 inchs thick. so have at it. additionally you can round in the edges to get a skinny feel. becareful when you make the turn to go up the tank. it gets alot thinner there. l I personlly removed most of the side material and about and inch and a half from the top, and rounded the corners in abount 2 " from stock. you can also use a belt sander but its a little more diffucult. the only hard part is streching the seat cover tight afterwards. I removed 1 inch from the top of the seat plastic (up on the very front by the tank.) so the cover would lay flat on the base . My bike now has a new slimmer feel and it cost about $50.00. :cool:
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