Your thoughts on Yam MX360 and Penton 400?


Nov 27, 2000
I have been contemplating the vintage class in the Florida Trail Riders Hare Scramble series for quite a while. I have no idea what bike would be good to purchase. I don't have inordinate amounts of time work on a bike but would like to ride an old one. Most of the guys in the class ride a Penton. However I went and looked at a Yamaha MX 360 this evening. The seller wants $1000. For some reason he is not sure if it is a '74 or '75. He has had the motor, bearings, yada yada yada all redone. The seat is in good condition and it cranks and seems to run fine. My question is, would this be a good bike to get started on. Are parts easily accessible. Was this a reasonable year for this bike? Is the powerband characteristics reasonable for woods riding? Any significant known problems?

He also has a '75 Penton 400 for $1500. It has not been restored as the Yamaha has.

Being a neophyte, rookie, vintage virgin, I would appreciate any thoughts on either bike.


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