Seven OUT!
Dec 21, 2000
I was working around on the bike yesterday. I took off my kickstarter for it was starting to squeak and act stiff when moving it outwards and back. My friend just cleaned up his 400f kickstarter and suggested to do the same, so I took off the kick starter, and there was some crud, like sand that was built up around the base, but then i saw a metal flake or 2. real small. i looked at the actual shaft coming out from engine, there was no damage there to any of the teeth. i examined the kickerstarter hole, where the teeth are, all are fine except the bottom 2, the entire row isnt dmged, just near the edge of the hole, 2 teeth are worn, that is where the metal flake is from... I sprayed wd40 cleaner and worked in out real good, kickstarter is fine, and doesnt seem effected by any way....Is this anything to be concerned? has anyone else examined this on their bike? Will this progressively worsen? or is it maybe from sand build up or from flailing while kicking back in december when i was getting adjusted to the starting technique back then? Just thougt i would throw it out there.
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