May 14, 2007
I have some questions about the cr250...

1. Are there any known issues with the '01 that I should keep an eye on or look for?

2. Are the '97-01 cr250's all the same?

3. What is the proper jetting and air screw setting for a '01 cr250 with the stock bore, stock carb, FMF pipe, reeds, and aftermarket filter? The previous owner mentioned that the bike would foul plugs if left idling for a while, or if you just putt around on it. It always starts first kick without the choke and seems to stumble a little on the lowend, but it's really strong from midrange to topend.

I plan to check/clean the filter, reeds, and carb in a few days so I wanted to confirm the settings before I tear into it. Any info would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.


May 7, 2007
I just picked up a 01 model as well. I can tell you that mine has a 400 main and a 25 pilot. However, I think it is a little rich. I am refreshing the top end on mine so I will let you know after I get it rebuilt on how it does. I'll probably drop to a 390 or so.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
1. I've heard the fuel mileage is not very good and piston and ring life is not very long compared to some other years of the CR250. One CR trait is the bearing on the bottom of the shock will need to be greased/replaced more often than the other bearings in the linkage.

2. No. The motors are very similar, but differ in ignition, carb, porting and pipes. The '97 - '99 share the same frame, while '00 - '01 are the 2nd generation aluminum frame.

3. Don't know - I've ridden an '01 but never owned one.
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