Jul 9, 2007
Hey guys! Im a new commer to this forum but not a newbie to the bikes. I currently ride a '01 KX 125, Ive got a Pro Circuit Platinum pipe with the R304 Shorty Silencer as well as V-Force Reeds. The Pro Circuit jetting specs are dead on and if anyone is having issues with their bikes jetting, especially if they are running a PC pipe I highly recommend going on their site to follow their jet specs.

My question is, does anyone have any insight on the gearing of this bike? Currently its at the stock 12/49 gearing and Ive heard many sugguestions to run a 50 tooth rear since it really compliments the bikes powerband better, I really dont wanna alter the current top end though because it absolutely hauls the way it is, but I do trail ride it quite a bit (but I also do motocross as well) so Im trying to weigh my choices.

Any additional insight about anything on my bike is welcome, responses are appreciated! thanks alot guys :cool:
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