Nov 16, 1999
My local dealer has a 200MXC still in the crate that i'm considering..I don't have a problem with installing my own lights and the lack of an odo is no biggie since I use a watchdog. My main questions are is the suspension the same, and what does the different ignition do to the powerband??


Nov 8, 1999
To my knowledge the suspensions are the same. In reference to the ignition, I don't know of any mapping differences. The differences may lie in the lighting coil capacity.:think

I hope others can shed some more light on the ignition differences (if any)


Nov 16, 1999
the ignition on the MXC is listed as a 2K-1, and on the EXC a 2k-3. Also, on their website the EXHAUST valves are described differently....the EXC is a planetary gear driven and the MXC is a different description??


This info is directly from the 2001 M/XC & E/XC brochure:
  • The MXC ignition is listed as "Kokusan 2K-2, Digital Control, w/Lighting Coil, 12v 110w."
  • The EXC ignition is listed as "Kokusan 2K-3, Digital Control, w/Lighting Coil, 12v 110w."
This is the same for all of the two stroke models of the MXC & EXC.
  • The EXC transmission is listed as "6 Speed EXC, wide ratio".
  • The MXC transmission is listed as "6 Speed, MXCclose ratio".
Interestingly, the 250 and up MXC's (not counting the four-strokes) are listed as "SX, close ratio". The four stroke MXC's are listed as "EXC, close ratio".:think

There are no differences in the description of the suspension. Both say the same:
  • "Front: WP-USD 43 MA"
  • "Rear: WP-PDS-shock absorber".

The power valve controls are listed as follows:
  • Both models just say "SDS".
Hope this helps.
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Wild Hare

Aug 9, 2001
My local dealer had one of each on the floor and we bought the MXC because my wife liked the MX "look" better:confused:

I really don't think there is much difference...I looked at part #s on the shock spring and crawled all around both bikes. We've had it home two weeks now and I've managed to sneek her bike out a couple of's great fun, plenty fast in the open stuff out here....can't really comment on Woods...we don't have any trees out here in the Mojave!:eek:

If the price is right, I'd jump on it!:cool:


Apr 11, 2000
The only major differences between the MXC & EXC are the Close ratio VS Wide ratio tranny, The Ignitions and offcourse the lights and I believe the MXC tank might be slightly bigger. The rest of the bike is the same including the suspension set up
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