Oct 31, 2006
Hey there,i have an 05 RMZ250 (4 stroke) that i bought last year,nver used it much,id say i put 5 hours on it .(no mods) Anyhow i was out riding yesterday and i slowed down to look at somethin in the woods and the bike stalled,so anyways i cranked it over a few times and away it went again.i drive for another half hour and on the way home it started backfiring like crazy and that was it,cranked and cranked and cranked with no luck,just alot of backfiring.So..i brought it home and changed the plug,changed the filter,checked for fuel,lots of gas goingto the carb but the funny thing is when i take the plug out to check it after cranking about 20 times it was dry as a bone,shouldnt it have been wet from fuel? Anyways...does this sound like timing chain or possible burned valve. If you think its anyone of these problems do you know where i can find a downloadable manual or have someone explain it to me with the right torque specs,anyways,any help would be much appreciated,thank you!

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