mike rasponi

May 20, 2001
Okay, ive been seriously considering a KTM 125SX, but i have a few questions, A: how are the suspenders? B: Turning? C: Its freakin ugly....anything i can do about it? :p but it does have a great motor, and REALY strong brakes, as long as they are the same brembo's that are on my dad's 400EXC. My dad's bike needed a set of factory R&D offset triple clamps to tighten up the turning radius. Would the 125SX need the same? what problems/quirks does the bike have? Any mods needed? and mods suggested? and info would be apreaciated.


Dec 5, 2000
Ugly? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Don't worry about the looks as you dont see much of the bike from the riding position ;) . I'm not sure you could do much to change the appearance as the aftermarket isn't really strong for the KTMs. The suspension on the '02 models is supposed to be really good and a vast improvement over previous attempts. If you are looking at a left over or used bike, don't dispair....you can have it re-valved and re-sprung to suit your needs. The turning on my '01 125 is really good. Then again I haven't ridden it back to back with other 125s. I considered the aftermarket triple clamps but decided not to as the bike really turns well as is. I also have an '01 400sx and that bike could probably use the clamps as it is like night and day compared to the 125. The brakes should be the same as your dads bike and when you wear out the stock pads, buy EBC MX-S pads.....very strong stopping power. If you want a little more midrange hit, look to the Pro Circuit pipe and silencer. The Moto Tassinari cage seems to help everywhere and is a worth while improvement. I can't really think of any major quirks.......oh ya, watch your chain tension. Most first time KTM buyers overtighten the chain and this hurts suspension performance and bearing life. If it looks to loose, it's probably just right! I'm really happy with the bike as it's really well built and easy to work on. Can you say "no more linkage bearings to grease"?!:cool:


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
I happen to think that my 125sx is a work of art! :)

MXA said they felt the very worst modification they could think of was the Cycra vented front fender and number plate...so I got them. :p They look very nice I think. Besides, the fender weighs about a pound less than the stock spear. MXA...sheeesh...they will tell you it's so very helpful to buy ti bolts to save two ounces, and trash the 1lb less Cycra fender...fart smellers!errr.....smart fellers!
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