1970's Rickmans


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I'm looking for other Rickman enthusiasts. I was recently give the 1973 125 that I my father had. It was the first dirt bike I ever rode, so there is some interest in getting it running again.

It quit back in the 80's. No spark. So I know going in that I'll need a magneto, coil or stator. He dropped it off this weekend and it is way rougher than I thought. I started tearing it down today and pretty much have it stripped to the frame. The bad news is she has sat for the last four years under a deck with no spark plug in it. Sure enough the crank case is or was full of rusy watter. :(

I'm bummin at the moment because I fear this is the kiss of death for this bike. I'm looking for leads on parts, etc.

Any ideas ? I have the shop manual but the one thing it doesn't have is a parts break down.

I'll need just about ever dang bearing, seal and gasket known to man just for starters.

(there are photos on our site if interested).


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I've seen rickman parts on ebay for sale, have seen very few bikes in running condition though. Try some of the links on vintageiron.com or even ahrma.org
hope that helps you out a little bit, I couldn't fine the pics on your site, I did however enjoy the "blink leading the blink" description of wayne national :)


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whoops, found em..
It actually doesn't look to be that bad, mostly complete. If you have questions about it you might email super hunky, but be careful how you phrase the email. Good Luck.


Engine transplant

Have you thought about putting something besides the Zundapp motor in that frame? Seems like it would be easy to drop a Japanese motor in there.
Then you would have a fun bike, more reliable and easier to get parts for.

I have thought of building a dual sport out on one of those cool rickman frames and a Yamaha enduro.


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Nah, I want to restore the Zundapp. I think I can actually get parts for the motor. The photos online now are not acurate. Those were taken prior to the storage under the deck. It's a complete mess now.

I'm beginning to get real intimate with my dremmel tool and wire brush :p

Part of the fun for me is, this is the very first dirtbike I ever rode. And I want to see if it was a mean as I remember. Even my father and uncles remember it as one of the peakiest sons-o-#$#$@ they ever rode :)

I've got a line on one in better shape with 2 motors in detroit (it didn't sell on ebay).