Sep 10, 2007
How does the 99 model compare to the other brands at that time? What are the pros and cons, and will this bike be too much for me? I'm on the skinny side, new to dirt biking and probably weigh in about 140 lbs. ( I was 135 but stopped smoking and have been riding a peddle bike everywhere for about two months now ) Will this bike make me a happy man? ( is the acceleration good on it ) I am not sure if I will race ( if by chance i catch on real fast than yeah ) , but for sure trail riding.

Also, on a side note; why is everyone switching to 4 stroke engines now? Are they more enviro friendly?

Thanks guys.

When I buy this bike, I am going to need a lot of help learning how to keep it maintained properly. Just for heads up, ( seen in other threads, ) does hours mean hours riden, or hours ran?


Sep 10, 2007
I weigh about 140 and am about 6 feet tall.

( what does it mean physical? like strength? )

I plan to ride fields and trails, and maybe Motocross.

I rode a dirt bike twice before, but that was a long time ago.

I might race if I catch on quick to the sport.

Minimum mechanical abilities; However, would love to learn to work on it by myself.

I am quite neutral on brand, like Honda and Yamaha. I would like a 2 stroke because it's something I could work on with a service manual.

Right now, I have two dealers nearby, a Honda and a Yamaha/Kawasaki

I plan on spending up to 2000 on a used bike ( if it's worth it ).

No I do not live in California, but plan to someday.

I am 18 now, going on 19 here in a week.

I won't have a lot of spending money on the side when I go to college. . .


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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
Really, a CR would be fine, but when it gets right down to it with older 2 Strokes, pick a color.

If you have about 2 grand to spend, you should be able to pick up something a bit newer though. Look around, you should be able to get at least a 2001.
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