Jan 2, 2001
I have a very tough choice:(. I was going to get a KDX 200, but after reading many things i think there is a big difference between the two of them. I know the 200 has more on top and the 220 has more down low. So here is my question, Which bike is better for tight muddie rockie trails, and flat wide open full throttle hard park, and alittle soft sand. And i also want to leave the bike stock except for the free mods. If the loss of bottem is not that grate on the 200 then i'll still get that. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.Oh yea if this helps. I'm 5' 7" weight with gear is 170-180 and i have been riding for 7 years.Thanks :confused: .


May 17, 2000
tight muddie rockie trails = KDX220
flat wide open full throttle hard park = KDX200
alittle soft sand = either

Doubt I was much help, buy whichever is cheaper and 1995 or newer.


Jun 27, 2000
I would go for the 220. I was in your situation about a year ago and went for the 220. A riding partner has a 200 and I have ridden them back to back on similar trails as you are talking about. The 220 will give you MUCH better perfomance on the tight rocky stuff and only a little worse on the wide open stuff IMO. I have left my bike totally stock except for fork springs. I am very happy with my choice. Oh, one other thing, the 220 does come with an o-ring chain vs. a standard chain on the 200.


Dec 21, 2000
If you are going to leave the bike totally stock get the 200. I have a heavily modified 220 and I love the bike, but I really didn't like the way way the power just quit at about 75% when it was stock. If you get the 220 you MUST get an FMF rev pipe. Both bikes are great and you really can't go wrong with either but totally stock I believe the 200 is better. Also if you are going to race enduros get the 200 because if you get the 220 you will have to race in the 250 class.
Riding my 220 and loving it

FMF rev
Boysen power reeds
No airbox lid
Uni Filter
Fredette Fork Springs (matched to my weight)
756's front and rear (best all around tire i.m.o.)
DID Xring chain


Mar 18, 2001
I haven't ridden the KDX200 and don't know how it compares to the 220. My KDX220 is tons of fun. Went with the pro circuit pipe, spark arrester, rad valve, 2 more teeth on the rear sproket and it pulls. Has no problem pulling the front wheel in third and forth gear. Lugs great on trails and goes fast enough to scare the normal person when on the top end.. I would recommend revalving the suspension. Pro Action did wonders to mine. Made riding all day alot easier and more confortable.


May 11, 2000
i would go with the 200
when the time comes its
easyer to hop up to get
it more like a 220 all you
have to do is go with
a 12th front sprocket
and 48th rear and the stock chain will still fit
and still have a better top end than a 220:D
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