2001 CR250 Suspension Setup.

Jun 21, 2000
I weigh about 190 with gear, I have the CR250 Broken in now, just wondering if there is some ball park settings you guys can advise me on with clickers/rebound,etc.. I rate myself as a C class rider. Although the bike doesn't seem to bottom on bigger jumps, it just doesn't seem Plush, its a little bouncy. What do the magazines say about the suspension on this bike? I believe I have the race sag set about right. 3.5 inches.



Mar 17, 2001
My son has this bike and is an A class rider, but we have had terrible problems with this bike. He is only 16 but a really fit 185lb 6'0".

The rear shock is still stock (but I think we may go lighter shortly, we have dialed it in as best we can but these settings will be of little use as they don't seem to work!! Although he is happy with the feel of the rear, I think it may be the stiffness of the shock spring pitching the bike forwards causing the forks to work too hard. We had the forks revalved and reprung (lighter) and dropped them down through the clamps (this made the biggest difference). We have also bought a 20" Talon for the front, but this made no difference to the 'spikey' feel, the bike always turned well anyway so I think that was a waste of $200.

Obviously double check the torque on the pinch bolts and please, if you find a magic solution let us know!

He is currently experiencing massive tank slap / headshake under hard acceleration.

We might cut our losses and buy blue, he rode one recently and was just so fast...

Good luck

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CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
I've found the MXA mag settings are just too harsh for "average guy". I've started using MobilATF synthetic in the forks @ minimum oil level recommended in the owners manual. Rebound is set @ 9-11 clicks out, wiht compression 16-18 clicks out for woods riding, 12-14 for MX. I also keep the forks flush, lowering them will upset balance.
As for the shock, when woods riding, I run the hi-speed compression 1/2 turn back in from all the way soft, and low-speed 18 clicks out. For MX, I turn high speed out 3.5 to 4 turns out, with low speed @ 12-14 clicks out.
Race sag I keep at 96mm for MX, 104mm for woods.
I have not had any headshake, double check your race sag vs free sag (weight of bike sagging shock all by itself). Your bike should have 5-15mm of free sag once race sag is set.
I also run anywhere from 9-11 ps1 of air in tires.
Hope my tinkering helps out.

Uuugh, that was pretty cool

Jun 21, 2000
Spikey, is good way to describe it sometimes, I have also read here at DRN, that the Nitrogen is Too low from the factory, Do I need to increase mine to 185 psi???