Jan 26, 2006
I'm looking at an '04 kdx 200 for playing around with my kids and possibly entering a few enduro's then maybe hare scrambles, nothing too serious as this will be my first real bike and I'm 42 years old....

Does the conventional fork setup have compression and rebound damping?

What are the minimum mods that will be needed to race this bike?


p.s., I'll keep searching for these answers too, but thought some of you may know off the top of your head. I see a lot of posts out there for older models and wasn't sure if the '04 had changed since say '00 or '01


Aug 22, 2004
As a first bike, or to play around on, they are an excellent bike. Alot of fun and very dependable. Will do just about anything you ask it to up to a point.
As far as upgrades you will go to the poorhouse trying to install everything your are going to get thrown at you on this forum. Here is what you are going to hear, need a pipe and silencer, need all new bushings or tear it down immediately and grease everything. Buy a new piston and rings. Need front springs and valves or a front end off a kx250. Need a rear spring and valve or shock and spring set up from a kx250. Then you will want a standard front plate and get rid of the light with an mx rear fender. Follow me? Start adding the dollars up.
If your serious about running scrambles later or getting more serious as you learn, Buy a better bike. I went to a brand new YZ250.
Not trying to be negative, I have done all these things and will never get rid of my KDX, is just my 2 cents.


Mar 23, 2000
I've been running enduros on a KDX 220 and a KTM 400 for a couple of years. I don't finish any better on the KTM, but I'm a lot more tired... I started 'racing' about your age. And by 'racing' I mean going to the event and having a lot of fun. Getting on the row before the kids/women and not worrying about passing or being passed.

You should be able to get a lot of years of use out of the KDX. It's an excellent beginner/C level rider bike. (The 220 is the 4th KDX I've owned.)


Mar 20, 2002
I was in much the same position. Did the pipe and silencer and rejet, worked wonders. Had the suspension tuned and resprung, another great change. Added radiator guards, skid plate, ditched the light, bark busters, and it is pretty well set. I still have the original piston in my 2000 and it has been ridden hard. I'll replace that this winter for PM.
Apr 28, 2001
I have built several KDX's over the past 15 years. You should definitely do the pipe, silencer, rejet and lose the airbox lid. I have had my suspension revalved and resprung, and it really helped. I have had the suspension work done by Fredette and by Factory Connection, the results are about the same-a great improvement.

There is no rebound dampening on the fork, only compression dampening.

I am 6'5", 235. I went with tall seat foam, CR Hi Bend bars, and spun the handlebar mounts 180 degrees for a roomier feel.

I have recently switched to a KTM 450, but I logged thousands of miles of Trail Rides, Turkey Runs and a dozen enduros over the past 10 years. The KDX has the highest Fun Factor of anything I have owned to date.

Good Luck- And have some fun!!!


May 23, 2007
The suspension on the KDX is sub par (and has been for a long time) You didn't mention your weight, you might be light enough to get away with what is on there, but just about any bike with Upside down forks is going to be better (suspension wise) than the kdx, my KDX is my second bike, my primary bike is an 04 Honda CRF250x and with not much more than a JD jetting kit can be made to run awesomely! If you hate 4 strokes, ignore this post. People say 4 strokes require so much maintenance, but after about 50 hours on my bike I have really only changed the oil (engine and trans are seperate) cleaned the air filter and checked the valves (I have not adjusted them yet). I love my KDX, but I wouldn't race it stock unless my life depended on it. Good luck with your decision, KDX's are awesome trail bikes.
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