Jul 7, 2007
i just aquired an 05 rm 85. theres is alot of wear on the side of the frame (paint rubbed off and really rusty in spots) and on both sides of the engine from the boots i guess. is it possible to strip the bike down to the frame and have someone rapaint it? or maybe anodize? i really dont know what to do about the frame. and what could i possible do about the cover on the side of the engine? i really do not like the worn out look it has. if tearing the bike down is an option, approximatly how many hours do you think it would take for someone with minimal experince? thanks very much for any help!


Jun 24, 2007
i did that to my 95 yz250 and taking it apart painting it and putting it back together took about a week and i had the service manuel so i knew how to take everything apart and put it back together very nice investment and my bike looked new after painting the frame and some new plastics.
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