Nov 10, 2000
Two questions today.
1. You know when a car brakes and you hear the squeel or almost horn effect when you brake, well my bike is doing that. Is it the dusty conditions and I have to live with it, or is something wrong. Only occurs on the front brake not the rear (that will be my next question.) I clean the brakes but the same issue occurs each time. Any ideas what I have done wrong, new disks needed??? Please let me know.

2. My rear brake feels sloppy if not mushy. It has never really hooked up properly and I feel like it is getting worse. Front brake grabs like no end, but the rear has always felt suspect. Any ideas. Adjustments, disks bad????

Open to the throws of comments.



Jun 5, 2001
Don't worry! My 2001 400 EXC does the exact same thing with the fornt brakes. It's perfectly fine mechanically, it can just be a bit embarassing when riding up to the truck in front of a bunch of other riders :o Anyway, as for the rear brakes being mushy, try bleeding them. I ended up doing both the fr and rr and found quite a bit of air in them. They work great now, but the front is still more "grabby" than the rear. Good luck!


Jan 5, 2001
You said that you ride in dusty conditions... the dust is whats causing the brake squeel. It gets trapped between the pads and brake piston. Cleaning the pads/piston will help, but it's nothing to worry about.:)
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