400 exc long and short filter issues??? help

Nov 10, 2000
Changed the oil yesterday.
#1.: "Long Filter" The long filter when removed was twisted and almost in an "S" shape. No cracks, just twisted with no pinching. I thought this was odd. Has this happened to anyone, does anyone recommend replacing this at this point.

#2. "Short Filter" My hex bolt is "stripped". When purchased this thing was so tight, that I could not remove it. I attempted several different ways to remove it, but it is now stripped. The metal is pretty soft and now I am at a loss. Any recommendations on how to remove it properly. I feel a pro is probably needed at this point.. HELP!!!!


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Mar 12, 2000
A lot of guys are running into screen problems. I didnt put the one that goes into the side of the motor and it "accordioned". My dealer did get it straightened out. The one on the bottom of the motor is a b-tch to remove. My dealer has been welding a 13mm bolt head to the nut and it makes it a lot easier to remove. To install the filter that goes into the side of the motor I now pull the screen itself off the the head and stick a pen or something similar in it and find the hole where the filter goes into the motor. Then, with the screen locked in, I screw the head on. It is very easy for the screen not to go where it is supposed to and crush the screen when you tighen the head. (I hope this post was understandable)


Oct 23, 2000

I must be fortunate, I've not had any problems with either of the screens or the screen bolts on my 400 E/XC (knock on wood!
). I can definitely see where you could have problems though. The first time I removed the short screen plug with the Allen head bolt I almost resorted to a cheater bar to break it loose!

I have found that an easy way to make sure that the long screen goes in correctly is to put it in with the bike laying on its right side like the manual says to do with the orange beast when changing the oil filters. It's easier to see down in the motor to make sure the screen is in the right hole on the opposite side of the motor than when the bike is standing up.

You now have me scared on that stupid 8 mm Allen head bolt in the bottom of the motor on the short screen! I'm going to have to check on an alternate bolt configuration for my piece of mind!

I'm going to defer making any recommendation for the stripped out Allen head hole. It is outside my area of expertise. A good machinist could definitely take care of it.

Good Luck on the repairs.


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Mar 15, 2001
Don't feel bad ,your not the only one

First take a standerd allen that doesen't fit drive in with a hammer ,it should give you the tork you need .If you have an impact it helps .If this doesnt work you will have to resort to the chisel

The screen. You need to place it on a long pin or rod and fit it into the hole and then add the nut

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Mar 19, 2001
G'Day trend setters, regarding the 8mm filter screen plug.
* I have found that 8mm allen key sockets come in many different sizes.
* This means that if you get one that is a loose fit it WILL strip out the plug regardless of what you do.
* Measure the things before you buy, most are approx. 7.80mm, some 7.95mm, any smaller and you will have trouble.
* Also torque the plug to specs, it seems that it may feel loose and in need of more, but at the correct torque they don't fall out.
* Plus give the socket a good wack with a hammer prior to cracking it loose.

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Oct 16, 2000
I have mentioned this before on this board, but on my 2000 400EXC, both the original and replacement long oil screens have different inner diameters on each end. If you put the small end into the sump wall, it will bind and pretzel.

I have had no problems with the small screen bolt once I got it out of the motor the first time. But that first time was a PITA! I am wondering if they put them in dry at the factory while assembling the motors, and they seize.

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