Feb 20, 2006
I have just about given up, this is a plea for help.

I have a 2009 Husaberg FE450. When the bike runs it runs great. Unfortunately, it is not running. It starts and runs for about 5 seconds then shuts down. It seems the computer cuts the power.

Here is what I have done to help diagnose/fix the problem
- Installed new battery
- Bypassed the roll over sensor
- New spark plug
- Ripped the entire wiring harness apart looking for breaks/shorts
- Tested every sensor per the repair manual, all are well within spec for voltage/resistance/continuity
- Checked fuel pump pressure, it‘s +40PSI, FUEL PUMP IS WORKING, all filters are clean
- No error codes are being thrown

I had other issues. Previously, bike would run great for about 1.5hrs, then start bogging, stall and finally not start again. It has left me stranded a few times this way. I thought I had the problem fixed, but happened again last weekend. The Berg fairies didn’t fix it this time, which in a way is good, because when I fix the problem this time, it should be fixed.

I am at the point where I don’t know what to do next. Everything simply tests fine but bike won’t run.

Any ideas? I need this fixed, I have missed a couple races already this season.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Could be the stator has gone bad and needs rewinding.

Had that happen to me with an old KDX200. And it still measured within spec even though the bike eventually would not run. PITA to diagnose.

FWIW, when my stator went bad, the first symptom was the bike would stop running when it got hot. Then it would restart after a brief cool down. Then it would shut off sooner and take longer to restart. Eventually, it would not start. It absolutely was temperature sensitive.

Tried all the basic things - no improvement.

Took a chance and had the stator rewound. It worked!

It may be something completely different, but that's all I got.


Mar 15, 2001
I agree with dave. I also have had simular issues on other brands. I replace black box and stator at the same time
Expensive but worth not having the frustration of intermittent gremlins


Mar 8, 2008
I think it is electric, a sensor, the injection bikes have several so far I know. Do you have a tester or know someone who has one?
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